When you go on a road trip through the heartland, you get a new appreciation for the food-and-wine paradise  that is Sonoma County.  My husband and I spent Labor Day weekend driving two, grueling days to get to a wedding in Bozeman, MT, and some of the places we stopped along the way were pretty interesting, including a  bordello-owned coffee shop  in Wells, NV.

Even when we were able to find decent food – West Coast sushi in Elko, NV; Greek gyros in Pocatello, ID; and  Thai curry in Bozeman, MT – some of the verbiage used by the servers  got on my nerves.  I’m not sure   “How is that tasting?” is the best way to check in with a diner. Meanwhile, “Are you still chewing on that?” is downright rude.

It made me wonder about other pet peeves people  have about restaurants. Does it bother you when servers stick their fingers in the dirty water glasses to pick them up?   Servers  who pick up the dishes before all the guests have finished eating?  Employees all clustered in the corner, with their backs toward the customers ?

 I’d like to know some of your pet peeves, minor or not so minor. We don’t want pikers complaining about price – that’s too obvious – but feel free to comment on annoying trends. Is the comfort food trend getting stale?  Has the communal table lost its luster? 

Please reply to this blog, or better yet, send me an e-mail at diane.peterson@pressdemocrat.com. And include your name and the city where you live, and let me know if you’d rather remain anonymous.   I’ll be using your comments in a food story  in the Press Democrat.

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