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Turn up the heat on home cooking

Chill out with some “angry” chiles

There’s something about high heat that brings out the screamer in all of us. Last week, while I was quietly eating my lunch in Courthouse Square, I noticed some folks yelling across Mendocino Avenue,  trying to carry on a conversation over the din of passing cars and trucks. Then, when the light didn’t change quickly enough, one of the screamers started yelling  at the traffic light. Meanwhile, a man with a backpack walked by, repeating  “9/11 – Get rid of… Read More »

Pears with an Asian twist

This Saturday and Sunday, the farmers of Sonoma County are gussying up their barns and the fields, putting out the  welcome  mat for locavores  during the annual Weekend Along the Farm Trails event. One of my favorite farms to visit is Gabriel Farm in Sebastopol,  run by a young couple who have devoted themselves to growing heirloom fruit, including many varieties of heirloom apples.  Their Asian pears, in particular, are works of art. They grow eight varieties, including Shinko, 20th Century, Hosui and the prized… Read More »

Time is ripe for tomatoes

 Finally, they’re here. Those juicy orbs of heirloom tomato goodness have arrived at the markets and in our back yards, and they’re making us all look like gourmet cooks.  Slice ‘em up, splash them with extra virgin olive oil and salt, and you feel like Mario Batali. What could be easier to eat? And yet – during this foggy, cool summer –  harder to grow? To celebrate the farmers of the future, reserve a spot at Kendall-Jackson Heirloom Tomato Festival,… Read More »