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Turn up the heat on home cooking

“Fat Chef” and the 5 unhealthiest cookbooks of 2011

It’s been a long, strange month for those of us fighting the battle of the post-holiday bulge while trying to get our exercise routines back on track.  By mid-month, we had witnessed a jaw-dropping array of  emaciated, X-ray actresses giving out Golden Globe awards. Forget the Caveman diet. These women must be on the Flavored Water diet. Then, just last week, the Queen of Southern Cuisine Paula Deen revealed that she has suffered from type 2 diabetes for years. Was… Read More »

A muffin makeover for new year

Folks trying to get healthy this month may be interested to learn that  studies have shown that low-fat diets are no better for your health than moderate- or high-fat diets. And for many, they may be worse. To combat this “low fat is best” myth, nutrition experts at the Harvard School of Public Health have developed five, new muffin recipes that incorporate healthy fats and whole grains but use a lighter hand on sugar and salt, in an effort to “make over” the… Read More »