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Turn up the heat on home cooking

A cookbook for apple lovers

This time of year, I often grab an apple or pear for snacking. The fruits are packed with flavor and texture, and through the miracle of cold storage, they taste almost as good as they did last fall. While the Honeycrisp apples at the farmers market are my go-to apple, I’ve also been biting into a couple of new varieties grown in Washington State. The Junami is a Swiss variety that is particularly crisp, tart and thirst-quenching. The Lady Alice,… Read More »

Volcano Cake erupts with flavor

What are you doing for Valentine’s Day? I suspect many of us are probably going to stay home and avoid the extra chaos and calories of dining out during a holiday To tell you the truth, I would rather cook a simple meal that provides my sweetie with a few of his favorite foods. My husband is crazy about cheese and not so crazy about veggies, except for broccoli and cauliflower. So I’m going to roast up his favorite veggies… Read More »

How to woo with food and flattery

Have you ever  wondered why  food and love have always been  connected in an intimate dance of the senses? “The most memorable – and sensuous – times of my life have all been around food,” said John Ash, chef and cookbook author from Santa Rosa. “Friends, lovers and the dining table are all folded in together like some great souffle.” In her little book, “An Alphabet for Gourmets,” M.F. K. Fisher pointed out that gastronomy has always been connected with its sister art… Read More »

A sexy cocktail for sensual sippers on Valentine’s Day

 Amy and Fred Groth of HelloCello in Sonoma have expanded their line of artisanal spirits to include an orange-flavored, organic brandy infused with the exotic Damiana flower. The brandy tastes like a spicy Grand Marnier and as far as anyone knows, it’s the only liqueur in the U.S. that includes Damiana,  a flower used for centuries as  an aphrodisiac. “In Mexico …  it is a ritual for newlyweds to drink a Damiana Tea on their wedding night to promote fertility,”… Read More »