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Turn up the heat on home cooking

Try a dry brine for a juicy turkey

   If you are freaking out about how to brine your turkey – and where to find a container big enough to hold the bird AND  the water –  this recipe will come to your rescue.     It’s a dry-brined alternative from Rick Rodgers, author of “Thanksgiving 101,” which calls for a turkey-size oven bag , and that’s it. No sloshing, no dripping, no bags of  ice to keep the whole thing cold in a cooler.  Just slide the turkey into your… Read More »

Winter panzanella for Thanksgiving – why not?

  Most people want to eat the same things  on Thanksgiving. The kids clamor for the canned cranberry sauce. Aunt Hilda brings her green bean casserole made with mushroom soup.  And Uncle Bert bakes up a sweet-as-corn-syrup pecan pie.      My family comes from New England, where change does not come easily.  Everyone vacations at the same lake every year, so when it comes to Thanksgiving, tradition reigns. Yet my brother , who just got back from a hunting trip… Read More »

An Irish alternative to corned beef and cabbage

   Whenever St. Patrick’s Day rolls around again, I stock up on Murphy’s and Guinness and pretend that I’m back in dear, dirty Dublin, where I spent the coldest summer of my life back in 1979.    Back then,  the food scene in the Ireland consisted of lots of mushy peas and mutton, but I do have fond memories of the hearty breakfasts served up at  the  Bewley’s Coffee and Tea shop on O’Connell Street and various bed and breakfasts… Read More »

Asimov explains “How to Love Wine” tonight in Healdsburg

 The New York Times’ chief wine critic, Eric Asimov, is paying a visit to the Hotel Healdsburg at 6:30 tonight for a talk about his new book, “How to Love Wine,” hosted by Copperfield’s Books.   The book is part memoir and part manifesto from the down-to-earth critic, who shares his tips and his passion for tasting with oenophiles and beginners alike. Asimov will pick three of his favorite wines from Dry Creek Kitchen’s Sonoma County wine list for tasting.… Read More »