The Copa America 2011 launched this weekend in Argentina, and as most soccer fans probably know already, both Chile and Colombia emerged  on top  after the first round of games between the South America teams plus Costa Rica and Mexico.

 Having just travelled to Chile this spring, we are cheering for the Chilean men in red and planning on watching their next match this Friday night against Uruguay.

Here’s a refreshing cocktail made with pisco, is a strong, colorless grape brandy produced in both Peru and Chile that was developed by the Spanish settlers back in the 16th century.

There is a debate about whether the pisco sour originated in Peru or Chile, but like the drink itself, the arguments can get  a bit murky. Suffice it to say that pisco is currently making a splash at  bars now across the country and the world. Here is a pisco  cocktail made from Pisco Porton, but any good-quality pisco will do.

Pisco Porton Lime Slushy

2 parts Pisco Porton

½  part Rose’s lime juice

½ part fresh lime juice

Sugar for rim

Lime slice garnish

Fill blender with ice and wet ingredients. Blend until frozen. Rub the rim of a tall glass with a lime slice so that the sugar will stick, then rim the glass with sugar and add blended ingredients. Garnish with a lime slice.