Welcome to the new Kitchen Talk blog. Here’s a run-down of what the different categories mean on the right-hand side of this blog. Entries will be grouped in those categories, when appropriate.


“What’s Cooking” focuses on seasonal ingredients, tips for leftovers, cooking on a budget and ideas for keeping your kitchen green and sustainable. .

 “The Real Dirt” locates sources for the best in local foods, plus what’s new at farms and cooking schools, farmers markets and grocery stores.

  “Friends for Dinner” shares recipes for entertaining and encourages networking with friends and family around the table.

 “Oven Nubbins” reveals hot new trends, techniques, gadgets, plus interesting TV shows, cookbooks and blogs aimed at home cooks.

 “Get Saucy 101” goes back to basics, with ideas for how to teach your children (and yourself) how to create simple sauces and dishes that appeal to adults and children alike.

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